Commercial Solar Film

Reduce Glare, Heat Improve Office Comfort

Our premium window films block over 99% of harmful UV rays, while reducing heat and glare, and improving tenant comfort. 


  • Offices and cubicles that are too hot or too cold
  • Eyestrain due to sunlight glare
  • Gloom from constantly having windows closed due to heat and glare
  • Fading furniture and decor
  • High A/C bills

We have an easy solution!

Office window tinting increases comfort for your tenants and lowers your A/C bills as much as 35% while protecting your furniture and your tenants’ health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do These Window Films Work?

Modern, lighter UV window films work primarily by absorbing solar energy onto your glass. These films work by blocking 99% of UV and up to 97% of infrared light, while maximizing visible light and optical clarity.

Will window film make our office look too dark?

No. In fact, many of our films are virtually clear and designed with this in mind. We pay attention to your particular issues, needs and budget when recommending custom solutions.

How long does the window film last?

The intended use and construction of a given window film will determine its warranty and life expectancy. Most of our window films easily outlast their warranty period of 15 years. In recent years the technology has advanced to the point where we expect newer window films to last even longer.

How does office window film help me save on cooling costs?

Window film blocks up to 98% of the solar energy, so your space stays cooler during the hottest months of the year.

Is Window Film Installed on the Interior or Exterior?

Most solar film and decorative window film is installed on the interior of windows in commercial settings. In fact, the majority of the products are made for interior installation. However, exterior window tints are available for commercial settings. Exterior window film is commonly used for large buildings or double pane glass that is easily accessible to reach from the exterior. Building wraps are a great example of when we use exterior window film. Anti graffiti film and security film is often installed on the exterior as well. Speak with a sales representative to see if interior window film or exterior window film is right for you!

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